How To Write Corporate Video Scripts

Video is undoubtedly a powerful way to deliver a convincing marketing message. But how do you develop a script capable of capturing the imagination and holding it, right through to the final frame?

All good scripts adopt some of the principles of story. But effective corporate video scripts have their own rules. And they require that you understand the precise Why-How-What of your business.

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Your first step is to identify and develop personas for your target customers.

For that you’ll need to learn how to speak the language of those customers and how to communicate with them. It’s an important process requiring a degree of skill. If you need guidance on that process read this article. If you’ve already nailed it, take a pat on the back and read on.


Corporate Video Scripts; Length

You’re ready to start writing. But how much to write? Well, a corporate video is typically around one minute in length. Which means you need about 300 words.


It’s crucial that the first sentence or two is fully focused on the needs of your customer. You should know precisely what your product does and why its so valuable to your audience. That’s what those first two or three sentences are about. Posing questions to the viewer are perfect for this. Here’s an example:

‘Do you need quality online content to improve your SEO ranking? Are you looking for business growth and increased customer conversions using effective content?’

I challenge anyone to say ‘no’ to that last question! After all, who doesn’t want more business? So already you have the audience saying ‘yes!’.



That’s a great start. Now you’re into the main body of the script. Here’s what to write next:

• Introduce yourself by name, by profession and give your business name.

• Summarise your niche and attach the summary to a customer-focused outcome, like this:

‘Hazel Key Inc specialises in creating digital marketing content for search engine optimisation (SEO) to grow your customer list, your client base and your business.’

• Now explain your number 1 selling point.

• List your main products or services, focusing on what they achieve for the customer or the client.

• Explain your number 2 selling point.

• List the rest of your selling points as if that list had been written by the customers, or were the results of market research. Take a look at our example in the panel below.

Pullquote in a graphic about writing corporate video scripts.

About now you might be needing some help. Don’t worry, you can contact us here. We’re happy to give you some free guidance. And if you want more help, we’re skilled at writing corporate video scripts, which means you get a targeted, ROI focused result.


When you’ve written the body of your script you’re ready to write a closing statement explaining how you can help the viewer. You’ll include a call-to-action. Here’s an example:

‘We’d love to meet your content creation needs, so click the link beside this video to access our New Client Offer, or contact us on xxxx xxx xxx.’


Final Tips

• Read the script aloud to make sure it sounds natural when spoken. Remember, your script is the foundation for your entire video, so give it the attention it deserves.

• Try to visualise the scenes you might use for the various sections of the script. Then put it aside for a day or so, then read it again to see if it needs adjustment.

• Revisit your Vision. Ask yourself; ‘does the script says exactly what I want?’

• Ask yourself; ‘does it reflect my brand. Will it appeal to my target market?’

So what do you think? Have you written corporate video scripts in the past? If so, do they differ from my approach? How do they differ? How effective were they? Ask questions or comment below. 

Thanks for reading. My next post is about business storytelling and the techniques and rules that makes it such a powerful marketing tool.

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