Why Are Buzzwords Like The Lollies We Devoured As Kids?

Photo of boy eating lollipop and sticking out his red tongue.

Buzzwords, acronyms, jargon; if your writing for the web is failing to engage, doublespeak could be the cause. Do you know what a mindshare is? Have you stumbled across the word hyperlocal and wondered what it meant? What about rightshoring? Are any of these words and phrases part of your vocabulary? Have you used buzzwords like these when communicating with your clients, colleagues or customers? These trendy words might be … Read more

How To Write Corporate Video Scripts

Vector image of a tablet showing a video thumbnail.

Video is undoubtedly a powerful way to deliver a convincing marketing message. But how do you develop a script capable of capturing the imagination and holding it, right through to the final frame? All good scripts adopt some of the principles of story. But effective corporate video scripts have their own rules. And they require that you understand the precise Why-How-What of your business. Your first step is to identify … Read more

Niche Marketing Strategy; 7 essential questions

Vector graphic about nailing your business niche.

Your business might be new. It might be established. It might be expanding or contracting, small or multi-national or even just a dream. Irrespective, it needs a defined niche. These 7 questions guide you through the personal and professional discovery that nails your niche, setting you apart from your competition. These questions will not only define your niche, they’ll help you build an enterprise focused on the needs of the … Read more