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About Us

Hazel Key Inc. offers a unique content creation service for small and medium business, Australia-wide:

Copywriting services, graphic design and infographic design, custom website design and content marketing strategies.


We’re unique for two major reasons:

1. Our staff are multi-skilled. For example, our senior copywriter is also a skilled graphic designer, capable of developing a total product without the need for liaison and double-briefing. That saves time money and stress for clients.


2. We operate a cooperative structure which is both flexible and mutually supportive. The result? Our staff are both highly self-motivated and customer focused, which feeds into the quality of our work.


Hazel Key Inc. is focused on responding to the needs of the client. We guarantee our work and we deliver a truly great service. Learning, sharing and growing are a major focus, with the aim of being the best we can be for the benefit of our clients.